Meet the AEMA Team

Looking to create your ideal event planner? Put on your lab coat and step into the Abstract Elements laboratory. In your beaker, combine the elements creativity, passion, experience, and negotiation…Actually, add a bit more of negotiation for good measure (I mean who doesn’t love a good negotiator). Now mix this unique formula and heat it up to 365 degrees over your high energy Bunsen Burner. Pour your mixture into a fashionable pair of heels and Voila’, you will yield Chivonne Hyppolite, Event Execution Expert, and owner of Abstract Elements Management Agency and AEMA Love Deluxe.

Chivonne lives by the motto: “Experiences are lived…not googled. Her quest is not to sell her services, but understand how she can best serve her clients’ needs through creating unique experiences which delight and excite. Her client centric, methodical approach to planning events is what sets her apart from other planners. Chivonne believes in the fusion of intelligent decisions and stakeholder expectations. With over a decade of experience, she has planned and executed various corporate meetings/conferences, galas, golf tournaments, concerts, community fundraisers, festivals for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. Chivonne’s unique communication style and exceptional customer service skills allow her to put the vision of her clients first while executing with flair and precision. Her cheerful and infectious attitude is highly regarded amongst her industry colleagues.

Chivonne understands that there is an art and a science to event planning, and her formal education has trained her to think creatively about the logistics. She is a proud graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Master of Science from the University of Tennessee. Chivonne’s events have been featured in Pennsylvania Meetings + Events Magazine, Munaluchi Bride, Bridal Tribe,, Event Interface and various other online event planning publications.

Chivonne is a culinary extremist who loves to travel the world seeking exquisite cuisines and wines. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, cooking and being a “Tatty” to her three beautiful nieces. Chivonne rarely misses the opportunity to give back through participation in various community service projects with her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Incorporated.

Chivonne Hyppolite, MS
Owner & Chief Experience Officer

Bethany Schiffbauer is the Brand and Marketing Intern for Abstract Elements. Bethany is currently wrapping up her degree in Design Studies with minors in Public Relations and Electronic Media from West Virginia University. As she progressed through her collegiate years, she found a way to have a lucrative career and study what she truly loves—designing. Creative ventures of all kind have always been her first love, but in the fields of Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising she has found the channel for her lifelong love and fascination. Bethany’s aspires to be a Brand or Marketing Manager as she gains experience, creative credibility, and versatility. For fun, Bethany loves to paint, spend time with her closest friends, sleep, and come up with new cooking recipes.

Bethany Schiffbauer
Brand & Marketing Intern

NaKayla Williams, AEMA’s very own Event Experience Ambassador, is the latest addition to the team. She is finishing up her last year at Kennesaw State University studying Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality.  But on the contrary, the kitchen is not where she wants to be but behind the scenes, creating magic where ever she goes. At Kennesaw, she realized her passion for planning events, turning dreams into reality. This Georgia peach hopes to take all her experience and training out west to sunny California one day turning it upside down. Once out there she hopes to plan galas and fundraisers for charities.  Until then, NaKayla wants to fill her toolbox with everything she can, continuously learning and growing. NaKayla also enjoys lazy weekends (only after church!), eating out, road trips to the beach, and hanging out with family and friends!

NaKayla Williams
Event Experience Intern